Keynote Speaker

Phoebe Giannisi

Born in Athens. Poet. Architect (NTU Athens). PhD on Archaic Greek Poetics- Poetry and Architecture (Universite Lyon II- Lumiere). Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Thessaly. Lives in Volos, Greece. A Humanities Fellow at Columbia University (2016). Her work lies at the border between poetry, performance, theory, and installation, investigating the connections between language, voice, and writing with body, place, and memory. Selected group exhibitions include Guggenheim New York (2013), the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark (2011), Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (2010), the Lyon Biennale (2009). In 2010 she was co-curator for the Greek Pavilion of the 12th International Architecture Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) (greek ark). In 2012-13, her poetic video/sound installation, TETTIX, was exhibited at the Museum of National Art (EMST), Athens, and in 2015, she did the installation AIGAI_O: THE SONGS, (together with Iris Lycourioti). In 2016 she performed the lecture/performance Nomos The Land Song in New York.


Stalker (1995) is a transdisciplinary collective that engages research and actions in marginal, abandoned or under transformation territories, through spatial practices of exploration, listening and creative interactions with the environment, its inhabitants and their archives of memories. Stalker’s aim is to create awareness and self-organization through artistic actions, promoting knowledge sharing and collaborative projects.
From 1999 to 2007, Stalker with the Kurdish community of Rome squatted the building of the ex-veterinarian in Campo Boario (ex slaughterhouse), naming it “Ararat”, to experiment a new shape of contemporary public-space, based on the acceptance, hospitality and self-organization.
Stalker produces long term on field projects, among the others: Along via Egnatia (2003-04) a transnational monument to displaced people, Culture 2000 EU Program. Campus Rom (2008) across the Roma world from Rome to Belgrade, with TU Delft, Roma Tre, Belgrade Uni and UN Habitat. Islam in Sicily (2000-05), with Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Orestiadi Foundation. In Rome: Suilettidelfiume (2007), Campagnaromana(2006), Immaginare Corviale (2003 –
2005), PrimaveraRomana (2009-2012). Since 2009 Stalker has been running three different projects Arti Civiche, Museo Relazionale, Stalker Walking School, a travelling educational project. from 2014 Walking out of Contemporary project; Biennale Urbana (2014-2016) agency to investigate limits and possibilities of the Venice-Biennale relationship with Teatro Marinoni. From 2016, Stalker founded NoWorking collaborative art lab space in Rome together with other artistic and curatorial realities.